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    • Transition to Work Inventory - Now there is a career interest inventory assessment instrument that relates interests in leisure activities to work and employment opportunities. High School and Adult Level Interest. Please note the Transition to Work Inventory is replacing the Leisure Work Search Inventory.

    • The Career Exploration Inventory - Interest Inventory- is the best career assessment for discovering careers your best suited to. Also available in a Spanish Version. High School and Adult Interest Level. Paper Instrument.

    • Ability Explorer - Ability Explorer ranks strengths in the 14 abilities important in todayís workplace. In about 30 minutes, individuals learn their strongest abilities, plus related courses, activities, and careers for developing and using these abilities. Written at an 8th grade reading level, this 140-question assessment raises self-awareness and creates a foundation for informed career and educational planning. Individuals are asked to read each statement and then indicate how good they are or would be at doing an activity. assessment, career planning middle school and high school

      Employability Skills Inventory Assessment - is a self-report measure, the Employability Skills Inventory allows workers to quickly assess their own strengths and weaknesses so that they may improve their skills through additional training and experience and make themselves more marketable. High School Adult Interest Level.

    • Career Priorities Profile Assessment - The first step to finding work that meets your needs is getting your career priorities in order. The Career Priorities Profile provides an easy, yet structured way for individuals to identify and compare their work needs, skills, interests, desires, and education to the realities of jobs. The result is a profile of their most important needs and preferences for use in exploring and deciding on careers. Replaces Work Preference Match.  Grades 8-Adult. High School. JA7896

      Career Personality Inventory - is based on the personality types created by Carl Jung (and later adapted by Meyers and Briggs for the MBTI) that have been used in a wide variety of educational and counseling situations for decades. The CPI uses a simple and innovative testing method requiring test takers to simply circle words that describe them and then total the number of descriptors circled. Reading Level 7. Interest Level Middle School High School. personality assessment, JA8060

    • College Survival And Success Scales - makes a great discussion tool and helps students to learn what college will be like, to understand expectations in college, and to prepare for the college experience and the college environment. Ideal for various purposes in many programs and settings: college readiness, college preparedness, freshmen orientation, freshmen seminar courses, middle schools, high schools, community colleges, training programs, technical schools, admissions counseling, academic counseling, career counseling, youth programs, college recruitment, improving college persistence and retention rates, military transition to college, adults returning to college, and dropout prevention. assessment high school adult job survival and job success life skills

    • O*NET or O*NET Dictionary Assessment Package - High School Adult Level - is the complete O*NET package including the O*NET interest inventory and the O*NET Values Inventory and the O*NET Reference Book. High School Adult Level. Interest Inventory, Values Inventory, Assessment, Reference

      RIASEC Inventory - RIASEC Inventory - Uses Holland RIASEC coding system and latest O*NET job titles. Scores into six interest areas: Realistic, investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. Quick, 4-page assessment takes only 10-15 minutes to complete. Reading Level 7. Interest Level High School Adult
    • RIASEC at Work: Match Your Personality to Careers: DVD - People who share the same personality type tend to group together and create work environments with shared values. This DVD assesses those people from personality to career, using Holland type codes. DVD, video - 30 min.. JD7889. 149.00.  High School to Adult Interest Level.

    • Entrepreneurial Readiness Inventory - can help individuals who are interested in entrepreneurship discover if it is a worthwhile risk. The quick, 60-item assessment gauges the userís vision, risk tolerance, perseverance, motivation, independence, and resources, ultimately indicating both strengths and weaknesses. Not only can this help would-be entrepreneurs make one of the most important decisions of their career, it can also identify potential pitfalls and barriers that they are likely to encounter. self employment assessment. High School Adult Level. JA7292

    • O*NET Career Interest Inventory - Test-takers indicate whether they like or dislike 180 various activities and then score their responses. Their scores identify career areas that match their interests and pinpoint specific jobs to explore. High School and Adult Interest Level. Paper Instrument.

    • O*NET Values Interest Inventory - First, it asks test-takers to look at 20 cards printed with work value statements. Then, test-takers sort the cards by each value's importance. The process results in scores for six major work values, and these cards identify career groups that tend to include these values and to pinpoint specific jobs to explore. Career Assessment/Paper Pencil. High School and Adult Interest Level.

      Barriers to Employment Success Inventory - barriers assessment -  - Identify key barriers that keep people from conducting a successful job search or succeeding on jobs with this career assessment. High School and Adult Level. Paper Instrument.

    • Job Search Knowledge Scale - helps you determine how much you know about looking for work. Do you know how to most quickly and effectively find a job? The JSKS also gives you guidance on the job search methods that work best so that you can find a job faster. Respond to the 60 true/false statements on this practical new assessment and learn the topics on which you need more information or instruction for the most effective job search. Space is provided for a Job Search Journal and for Job Search Goals. Makes an ideal pre-test and post-test. Middle School, High School, Adult. Paper Assessment.

    • Job Survival And Success Scale - This new inventory meets the need for a brief assessment that identifies a personís attitudes and knowledge about keeping a job and getting ahead in the workplace. assessment inventory paper high school adult. job survival.

    • Financial Literacy Inventory Assessment - The Financial Literacy Inventory (FLI) is designed to help individuals with these initiatives and measures a personís basic knowledge with regards to money management. This 60 item assessment feeds into five scales: Income and Careers, Banking and Budgeting, Credit and Debt, Saving and Investing, and Rights and Risks. The FLI helps individuals determine how much they know about effectively managing their money, giving them both individualized scores on each of the scales as well as an overall assessment of their financial literacy. The FLI then offers guidance on how to improve the individualís financial literacy and manage their money better through specific suggestions and online resources.  Job Readiness, Welfare to Work. Adult Interest Level.

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    SCANS Work Readiness Kit And SCANS 2000 Competency Pack with Software - The SCANS Work Readiness Kit provides supplemental and enrichment materials designed to develop necessary work skills identified by the U.S. Department of Laborís SCANS report. Working through the prescribed activities helps prepare individuals for the workplace by raising their performance levels. The experiential nature of the activities creates a unique learning opportunity and, because the activities are work-based, individuals are exposed to a broad selection of career pathways. he SCANS Competency Pack (for Windows) allows teachers and administrators to track and manage SCANS and Work Keys skills objectives. Add, edit, save, and print objectives and student mastery levels to articulate with parents, students, staff, and industry. Teachers and administrators can also design and print their own lesson assignments and tests with this definitive teaching tool. Scan Skills, assessment software instructional resources. Middle School High School

    College to Career Transitional Inventory - The CCTI helps college students prepare for the workplace. User self-assess knowledge, skills and attitudes in crucial career success areas such as life management and job search skills. By ranking the responses to 60 questions covering five different topics, users discover their transitional weak points. Tips and advice complete the assessment so that the user may develop an effective college-to-career success action plan. High School and College Interest Level.

    Career Quizzes - helps readers look inside themselves; examine their needs and values, interests and skills, personality and preferences; and make better choices. Each chapter centers on an easy, fun, and revealing assessment that coaches job seekers through the successive steps in the career exploration and job search process. Interest Level College or Adult and Mature worker.

    Work Readiness Inventory - Identifying areas of concern is often the first step in helping an individual become work ready. The Work Readiness Inventory does just that. It is an assessment designed to help workers recognize and address the demands of the workplace by identifying their readiness concerns or areas of weakness.

    College Majors Score Card Assessment and College Majors Hand Book - Assesses 147 items leading directly to the 49 different majors most common at colleges across the country. Also on this Page find the College Majors Hand Book. This terrific handbook offers the most accurate and helpful information available for making decisions on a college majoróor what to do with a degree you have. Readers learn which majors are the best investment, the job and salary prospects for specific majors, the employment growth rates for particular majors. High School College Adult and Mature worker Interest Level

    Envision Your Career - A Language Free Video Career Interest Inventory - Measures career interest in people with little or no English skills and or limited reading and writing abilities. Also Great for Spanish Populations and at risk youth. High School Adult Interest Level. interest inventory DVD

    Picture Interest Survey - Assessment - Now there is an easy way for people with limited reading ability or special needs to explore their career interests and find a job that fits. The Picture Interest Career Survey (PICS) is a quick way for people to identify occupational interests by using pictures of people at work rather than text-based items. Middle School high school and adult interest level for low readers, ESL, GED Programs and special education needs students. paper

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    • Careers For Me II - Career Assessment for Children - Careers For Me II is a 12-page consumable booklet which is very simple to use. It's short introduction briefly reviews interests, self-knowledge, what is a cluster and explains the concept of school-to-work. Grades 3-7 Elementary. Paper Instrument.

    • Careers for Me SN - Special Needs Career Assessment - Career Assessment for Severely Handicapped Special Needs students. It is designed for special needs students grades 2-5, elementary. Lots of pictures, colorful. Special needs, special education, handicapped, assessment. paper

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    • Careers for Me Plus - Careers For Me Plus is a 24-page consumable booklet expanding on the Career for Me II career assessment which is very simple to use. It's short introduction briefly reviews interests, self-knowledge, and explores more career clusters. Grades 7-9. Middle School career assessment. Paper Instrument.

    • Career and Life Explore - uses bright colors, appealing graphics, and easy-to-follow instructions to get young people thinking about their futures and their careers while encouraging them to stay in school. Middle School, and School to Work Interest. Paper.

    • Young Person's Occupational Outlook Handbook and Activities Booklet - This new Activities workbook is an inexpensive, interactive, and convenient way to add career awareness and career exploration to your middle school curriculum. The activities are designed to be used with the Young Personís Occupational Outlook Handbook, a best-selling reference book available here on this page. The Activities workbook is for individual student use in class or as homework. It helps young people interact with the Young Personís Occupational Outlook Handbook information on over 270 jobs, including work duties, skills needed, required education, related school classes, related jobs, earnings, and more. In addition, students learn how to set goals, research careers using a reference book and the Internet, and read a help-wanted ad. They also are introduced to job interviews. Grades 4-9 elementary and middle school. Reference book and assessment.

    • World of Work and You - A complete revision of an important resource that helped hundreds of thousands of youth plan their futures. Students can use it without supervision to explore career and life alternatives. Paper Instrument. Interest Level Middle School and High School. paper.

    Career Assessment Software CDROMS

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    • Career Explorer - Explore interests and find the best 20 matches from jobs in the Occupational Outlook Handbook--in just 15 to 20 minutes! Career Assessment - High School and Adult Interest Level. CD-ROM Software. Great for classroom, welfare to work programs and school to work programs. school-to-work.

    • Learning Working Styles Inventory - Analyze the combination of physical, social, environmental an mode of expression elements that allow individuals to utilized their knowledge or skills. High School Adult Interest Level. Also comes in a Spanish Version.

    • Basic Skills Locater Test - The Basic Skills Locater Test CD ROM is designed to assess a person's functional skills levels in math and language. Comes in a English and Spanish Versions.  Ages 15 - Adult
    • Career Assessment Battery - A popular alternative to paper/pencil assessments, great career assessment software! High School and Adult Interest Level. CD-ROM Software

    • Electronic Career Planner - is a state of the art program designed to help organize and create all the tools needed to find, get, and keep the job of your choice. Everything from a goal planning calendar to job leads to cover letters, resumes and interview scripts. Great for School to Work Programs or Welfare to Work Programs. High School Adult - CDROM Software. career planning.

    • Careers For Me II CD ROM - The Careers for Me II CD closely follows the print version. It is colorful with fun graphics, easy-to-read and very easy to follow with little help required from an administrator. Users are asked to check off the activities or interests that they like from each cluster. It follows through to results and a screen which guides the student through the career research process. The fun facts are continued through th3 software, which helps keeps the students' attention. The print capabilities enable the student to take home the results and share them with parents! Software, Elementary Middle School Interest Level. Grades 3-7. assessment, software. Elementary and Middle school interest level

      Mission Careers CD-ROM Grades K-6 - Recommended for Grades KĖ6 and special needs. Dez the Dawg makes career exploration an exciting adventure for students in kindergarten through grade 6, as well as for children with special education needs. 140 occupations come alive through colorfully illustrated 12 career clusters, interactive games, and easy-to-use assessments. Includes current data on salary, education needs, outlook, and areas of study. Job descriptions are read aloud to students while text appears on the screen. Grades K-6, Part of the Early Start Career Series. Teachers can build a course around this software. Elementary, assessment, career exploration game like

    • Careers For Me Junior - CD - ROM - Similar to the print version, your students will click on the activities they enjoy (instead of circling the activities). They will get a results page with sample careers for all clusters. Students will check of careers from all clusters that are of interest to them, and then they are asked to narrow it down to one career. They fill out the research screen, similar to the research panel on the print version. There are print capabilities so the user can take home the results and share them with parents! assessment, software, elementary interest level.

      Careers for Me Plus CD-ROM - This is the Careers for Me version that goes the most in depth. Like the print version, it is colorful with fun graphics, easy-to-read and very easy to follow with little help required from an administrator. Users are asked to click on descriptions of activities and subjects that they not only enjoy, but also those in which they consider themselves skilled. Grades 7-9 Middle School and High School. Software Assessment

      Interview Mastery - The most widely used job interview software in the world! This comprehensive CD-ROM includes 47 lessons that cover every dimension of the interview. Features include powerful questions to give job seekers a competitive edge, information on handling behavioral-event interviews, templates for answering the 10 most frequently asked interview questions, four different ways to handle the salary question, and much more. Job seekers will learn the secret to overcoming any weakness with a powerful response technique! Software, interview, CD-Rom

      Your Career and Life Plan Portfolio - This Instructorís Resources CD-ROM accompanies Your Career and Life Plan Portfolio, Third Edition, a workbook designed to successfully guide readers through the process of developing their careers and constructing their portfolios. The supplemental materials contained on this CD-ROM can provide the basis for a one-day workshop, a weeklong seminar, or an entire course on planning and portfolio building

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