Gallery of Best Resume
 High School and Adult Interest Level
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Gallery of Best Resumes


 * A gallery of resume samples, covering many industries and job levels.
* Guidance on electronic resumes.

Getting more than a moment of attention from potential employers isn’t easy in today’s job market. Not only are job seekers competing with a pool of other candidates, they’re also up against resume screening software. Overcoming these obstacles is essential, and Gallery of Best Resumes helps job seekers do that and much more.

This book showcases the very best resume samples—selected from thousands of submissions developed by professional resume writers throughout the nation. These powerful resumes cover jobs from all occupational groups at all levels. In addition, the author provides a wealth of guidance on writing, designing, and using resumes and cover letters to get more immediate results in the job search.

New content for this edition includes updated sample resumes and more coverage of electronic resumes, including samples and tips for creating and formatting them. Gallery of Best Resumes

Format: 400 pp., 8.5 x 11, softcover
Reading Level: 10th grade
Interest Level: HS-adult
Copyright: 2011

J8589 • $18.95

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