Pathfinders - Career Exploration and High School Planning Package

Lesson Plans for a Complete Career Curriculum - High School Level

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Pathfinders - Career Exploration and High School Planning Package

Product type Workbooks
Reading level Grade 7
Interest level High School

Hundreds of schools have successfully used this best-selling workbook to help students choose and plan their career pathways!

Some of the reasons why teachers love to use this workbook as a class supplement:

* Affordably priced at $14.20, when purchasing 20+quanities.
* Easy and fun to use for you and your students
* Helps students recognize career interests, values, and preferences
* Includes many hands-on activities and an extensive career interest checklist
* Covers options such as getting a job right out of high school, receiving job training beyond high school, or going to college
* Advises on scheduling courses and activities to help meet long-term career goals

Path Finders 
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More than 100,000 junior high and high school students have successfully used this career exploration curriculum.

The goal of Pathfinder, Third Edition, remains the same are previous editions—to allow young people to explore their interests and skills at a junior and senior high level so they can make informed education and career choices. The new edition still reflects the National Career Development Guidelines for school-age youth. The book's approach and style remain much the same. Students learn about the skills needed in school and work. They identify skills and discover how to improve their skills. Pathfinder, Third Edition, is designed to help students develop career pathways to meet long-term career goals in practical ways.

What's new in Pathfinder?

The changes are based mostly on data from O*NET and Guide for Occupational Exploration. They include

* New career interests group—14 groups with each group divided into sub-groups.
* New career assessment questions to correlate with the new career interest groups.
* Expanded career interest group descriptions: All 14 groups now contain complete descriptions of all sub-groups within an interest area.
* New work values: 20 work values divided into 6 major areas.
* Foundation skills from the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) Report used to illustrate the link between education and jobs.
* More detail on specific educational paths, including Technical/Trade, Associate's Degree, College Prep, and College Prep+.

Pathfinder has a related six-panel portfolio that is used to develop a separate Individual Career Portfolio (ICP). This one meets national guidelines and summarizes and records employability skills, test results, career choices, academic achievements and awards, extracurricular activities, and other details. Designed for students to participate in completing their plans for high school!

Teachers Instructors on CD-ROM

A complete, ready-to-implement program! Pathfinder materials fulfill National Career Development Guidelines.

Step-by-step format reduces preparation time!

This curriculum is designed with flexibility in mind. You don't have to follow the topics in the workbook or supplements in the order they are presented. You can cover the topics that best meet the needs of your students and course. The Teacher's Guide, also written by Norene Lindsay,

  • Helps structure activities corresponding to the workbook
  • Provides lesson plans
  • Supplies group activities, additional worksheets, and extra assignments
  • Has the workbook pre-employment test answers

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J7483 Path Finder Teacher Guide on CD-Rom 


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Click on Individual Career Portfolio to learn More.
Individual Career Portfolio

JA7742 1 pkg. of 25 Individual Career Portfolio




Exploring Career Clusters and Paths (DVD) Recommend with this course (optional)

FREE Instructor's Guide available for download here

Exploring Career Clusters and Paths (DVD) Recommend with this course (optional)
A Young Person's Guide to Getting and Keeping a Good Job - Middle School and High School Interest Level

Product type Videos and DVDS
Interest level Middle School-High School
Length 20 minutes, plus bonus content - 2009
Price 145.00

* Inspires young people to explore career pathways
* Teaches the process of career exploration, a skill that students will use throughout their lives

This engaging DVD inspires young people to think about their future careers and guides them through the exploration process. In a documentary style, this DVD features real students describing their interests, what they like to do, and what they are good at as the basis for exploring career options. Next, the program demonstrates how this insight is fundamental to a young person’s career exploration.

Career experts describe basic, yet effective, strategies young people can do to find their career interests and career direction. The DVD also emphasizes the relationship between school subjects and careers. Students learn how to explore their career clues and how to consider opportunities in the 16 U.S. Department of Education career clusters. Career information sources, such as reference books and Web sites, are also discussed. Information about networking, volunteering, and internships connect students to ideas for gaining work experience and learning more about careers.

JD6608 - Exploring Career Clusters and Path DVD


Click on Career Explorer Picture to learn more and for ordering.

Explore interests and find the best 20 matches from jobs in the Occupational Outlook Handbook--in just 15 to 20 minutes!

Wouldn’t it be great if a simple interest inventory could point directly at the best career information? 
We thought so much of the idea that we produced a new CD-ROM that combines the power of two excellent career information resources--the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) and the Guide for Occupational Exploration. In about 15 to 20 minutes, users can indicate their interests and get a list of the best 20 occupational matches. Then they can access these occupations in the OOH and read about:

Nature of work 
Working conditions 
Training, other qualifications, and advancement 
Job outlook 
Related occupations 
Sources of additional information 

How CareerExplorerTM Works
About 250 occupations are divided into 11 groups, and the software goes through the same sequence of questions and choices for each group. As each group comes up, this question is asked: "In your work, would you like to do the any of the following?" Users scan 4 to 6 job duties; a "no" answer sends them to the next section where the question is repeated with different job duties; a "yes" answer moves users to more in-depth "yes or no" questions and finally to rank potential jobs on a scale of 0 to 4.

Responses Can Be Saved at Any Time.  At any time as users go through the 11 sections, they can save their responses and come back later to finish the sections or to modify previous responses. 

Displays List of 20 Best Matches
When all 11 sections are complete, CareerExplorerTM displays a list of the best 20 job matches. When users select any of these 20 occupations, they see a full-color photo of a person working in that occupation plus the thorough narrative description from the OOH. The narrative is divided into 8 pieces, each accessible by pushing a button: nature of work, working conditions, employment, training, job outlook, earnings, related occupations, and  sources of additional information.

Print Options
A four-page printed report can be printed for any occupation, and the list of 20 best matches can also be printed--allows student users to take
information home to show parents.

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