Picture Interest Career Survey
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Picture Interest Career Survey


Picture Interest Career Survey
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Picture Interest Career Survey Picture Interest Career Survey (PICS), Second Edition

Pub Date: June 2011
Price: $46.95 package of 25

The best-selling Picture Interest Career Survey (PICS) is a language-free career interest inventory for those with low reading levels, limited English, or special needs. Individuals identify their occupational interests by using pictures of people at work rather than text-based items. Individuals review 36 sets of three pictures and choose which of the three portrayed occupations seems most interesting.

The pictures correspond to Holland occupational interest categories: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. After test takers complete all 36 items, they score their responses using color-coded columns and record their scores on a visual profile. Based on their scores, people discover their Occupational PICS Code, a three-letter Holland interest designation that can be used for career research and counseling. Descriptions of the Holland codes and related career fields are included for those who wish to interpret scores themselves. The assessment takes less than 15 minutes to complete and is suited to all backgrounds. It can be self-administered, self-scored, and given individually or in groups.

The new edition includes streamlined instructions, an updated design, some modified pictures for greater clarity, and expanded validity information.
Features and Benefits

 Picture-based inventory is ideal for any population that might struggle with text-based or language-intensive assessments.

 A color-coded design and easy two-step process make this one of the simplest interest inventories on the market. Takes only 15 minutes to complete and score.

 Can be self-scoring and self interpreting.

 Based on the Holland RIASEC system—the most commonly used career personality and interest classification.

 Works well with other products we carry, including EZ OOH,RIASEC at Work DVD, or any other career material that uses or references the Holland occupational codes.

 Can be given to groups or individuals.

 A free PICS Career Locator and Career Planning Worksheet are available above for download who want to do more focused research into possible jobs.
Support Material

 A PICS Career Locator, which lists over 600 job titles pulled from the O*NET. Individuals can use their Occupational PICS Code to find job titles that match both their interests and education and training level.

A PICS Career Planning Worksheet, which helps PICS users focus their career research. With this worksheet, individuals use their PICS results to explore jobs that best match their interests, experience, abilities, and needs, as well as decide what actions to take to pursue those jobs.

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Administrator's Guide

PICS Career Locator

PICS Career Planning Worksheet







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